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My Uniform Is Dirty With Cum

Geez, what a bastard. School lothario feels up and fondles girl in the locker room, telling her how wet and ready she is. Girl is trembling with excitement and anticipation as he fingers her pussy and makes her drip female juices all over the floor. Boy gets her from the front and then fucks her royally in the ass calling her a slut and asking her how she likes it. He lets her know that he is about to cum as he pumps her harder and faster and encourages her to cum with him. The boy cums all over her clothes and she comments "my uniform is dirt" and he tells her to just wear it to class, but to be sure not to skip her classes. Without a further word or look in her direction he leaves the locker room and she slumps to the floor in humiliated tears.

Duration: 3 min

Censorship: No

Added: 01-01-2007

Release Year: 2007

Lang: -

Subt: -

Categorie(s): Straight

Genre(s): -