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I Only Want Kenta

Girl awakens half naked on bare wooden table surrounded by three men (two that she knows),who intend to "punish" her. One of the men pulls hard on her nipple until she begs to be punished. She's assured she will get her requested punishment because after all, women are dirty, filthy, piece of shit whores and deserve to be punished. He rolls her over onto her stomach and begins her punishment by viciously spanking her until one of the other men stop him. She is then turned onto her back with her legs bound up and out of the way so that her pussy is exposed. He takes his cock head and rubs it against her clit and wet pussy hole a few times before pushing his swollen cock into her. As he dispassionately fucks her she cries and begs him to stop saying she only wants someone named Kenta.

Duration: 5 min

Censorship: No

Added: 01-01-2007

Release Year: 2007

Lang: -

Subt: -

Categorie(s): Bondage

Genre(s): -